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RESERVATIONS: Visit, call Danzack at or contact your travel agent and / or travel agency depending on where you are.

Passports and Visas: Each passenger is responsible for having all the corresponding documentation for their trips and must have everything in order with the entities such as: consulates, visa agencies, you must also bear in mind that at least your passport must have a minimum validity 6 months duration after finishing your trip. Also in some countries a complete blank page is required in the passport with a purpose of stamping.

Travel protection: We recommend that you have protection for all trips you make which has a coverage for travel cancellation, interruption, loss or delay of luggage, medical expenses, etc.

Cancellations: Our policy 30 days before all the trips we refound all the money, 20 days before all the trips we discount 25% in the total of price we refound 75% of the money, 15 days before all the trips we discount 50% in the total of price we refound 50% of the money .14 to 01 days before all the trips we discount 100% in the total of price we refound 0% of the money. if you have more questions could you send an email to:, we can help you better.

Children: All children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Most hotels do not allow children under 18 to occupy a room without an adult. Those responsible for the safety of minors, must have the necessary safety equipment (such as seats for babies / children), as appropriate. Keep in mind that many countries have adopted practices to prevent the international abduction of children. If a person under 18 years of age will travel with an adult other than their parents, or with only one parent, they must have a letter notarized in writing by a non-traveler parent, who grants travel authorization, including travel dates. Be taken.


Deposit: A deposit is not refundable at the time of your reservation.

All reservations must have a minimum price of $ 200 per person, 50% of the price for tours are include : train tickets, air tickets, tickets to the Inca Trail, Machupicchu, Huayna Picchu, Machupicchu Mountain and reservations of salt hotels.

Full payment: All reservations must be completed with an anticipation of 60 if it were an Inca trail. In the case of the other tours, it could be 20 days.

Forms of payment: PayPal, bank transfer, major credit cards or debit cards. All payments made within 30 days of departure must be made by credit or debit card.

Refunds: Refunds are processed to the credit card originally used for payment, up to the total amount paid, depending on the anticipation of the refund request and the reason for the refund.

Stay during your trip: Throughout your tour you will find different types of accommodations depending on the tour, however in most hotels the rooms are standard with two single beds (two single beds) and private bathroom, in case there is Requested and paid for a higher category in your rooms unless you have requested and paid. Special requests such as bed types, smoking preferences and connecting rooms are subject to availability. Although these options are available in most 4 and 5 star hotels, hotel rates are based on Danzak Peru agreements with their suppliers and are non-negotiable. Normally check-in time at the hotel is not before 3:00 p.m. m. Be sure to consider the appropriate arrangements for accommodations when using a night flight, the check-out will normally be coordinated in advance. We reserve the right to make substitutions with hotels of the same quality and category.

Food: Depending on each itinerary the food may have variations and may be in hotels or restaurants, also special diets must be sent in writing to mail

Transfers: Transfers will be made according to the type of tour indicated above, either by private car, minibus or car only when you buy the air ticket in Danzak, you can also add the transfer by purchasing it or sending in writing to our mail perudanzak @ gmail .com.

Tips: When you feel you had a quality service and exceeded your expectations in restaurants, guides, transportation, etc., you can give a tip in which you will decide the amount.

Possible risks: I am aware and aware that when I take a trip I will have dangerous activities, risks of illness, injury or death that may be caused by forces of nature, cataclysms, wars, animals, insects or plants, the negligence of Danzak or other persons or companies known or unknown or for criminal or fraudulent conduct of third parties. I am also aware that climatic conditions may vary depending on the country could be severe, adverse and / or annoying. I am aware that medical services such as hospitals or clinics, facilities may not be available to accessible in some parts of your trip. In order for you to enjoy and participate in trips, you must be willing to accept the risks and uncertainties that are part of the adventures. I hereby accept and assume full responsibility for all risks of illness, understand the physical requirements of the activity in which I will participate, and I currently do not have any known physical, medical or mental condition that may affect my ability to participate. in this excursion or my safety in this activity, and I am willing to assume all the risks that can be created, directly or indirectly, by any condition. I hereby authorize Danzak or my local travel agent or others to arrange for any emergency medical treatment and hospitalization that may be necessary for me due to participation in this activity without my additional consent.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Danzak can take photographs or videos of trips made by its customers, also for promotional or commercial use without payment of any compensation and / or commission to travelers.