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Inca Trail Group 4D / 3N


You want to know Peru and especially Machu Picchu, so you must take the best route full of charms, walks, beautiful views, with the best professionals because the Inca Trail is a dream route.



We will pick you up around 4:30 am and we will go to Km 82, which we will arrive at approximately 08:00 am, where we will meet our team of porters and cooks, after a delicious breakfast, we will go to the checkpoint to register and start our hike along the Inca trail. During the 2 hour walk to reach Patallacta it will be easy, we will see the Inca lifestyle and we will have a beautiful panoramic view, after a time for us, we will enjoy a lunch made by our cooks, we will resume our walk from Patallaqta to Hatunchaca, In this place we will see the Andean lifestyle, later we will have dinner and rest in their prepared tents.


After enjoying a cup of coffee or coca tea, we will start the day climbing the highest mountain of the Inka Trail, the first bed of today will be difficult, because we will have a 4 hour hike until we reach Llulluchapampa, in this place we will enjoy of a well-deserved rest and a delicious lunch, we will be able to see the wild life of close, we will continue walking for two more hours until arriving at the passage of the dead woman that is at 4215m / 13829 feet, place where we will enjoy a typical Andean ceremony, where we can see how the local gods or Apus Andinos are offered, we will continue downhill until we reach our camp in Pacaymayu where we will have dinner and sleep in our prepared tents in the inca trail.


We will wake up in the middle of nature and tranquility, with the sound of the waterfalls and the river, we will begin our day going up and down the second mountain until we reach the place where we will have lunch in Chaquicocha. While walking we will pass through the sites of Runcu Raccay and Sayacmarca, small Andean lakes, the beautiful cloud forest, and an impressive view of the snowy mountain of Salkantay, after the delicious lunch we will continue until Phuyupatamarka place where we will be able to appreciate the Urubamba and Intipata River (terraces) of the sun), after a delicious dinner we will be able to appreciate one of the most beautiful sunsets.


When we get up we can appreciate the sunrise on the beautiful mountain peak Veronica, after a delicious breakfast we will begin our descent walk from the cold Andenes to the beautiful and green cloud forest, feeling a faster temperature change, we will walk approximately 3 hours down to Intipata (terraces of the sun) where we will explore and take pictures of this place, we will have a session of meditation and relaxation with an imposing landscape of the Andes.

After lunch we will visit Wiñay Huayna (eternally Young) where we will see the imposing granite staircases, we will continue with our walk until the Inti Punku (front of the sun) to have one of the most beautiful view of Machu Picchu, from this place we will only take 1 hour In arriving at Machu Picchu, We will arrive in the afternoon and we will take pictures of the sacred citadel while we are one of the few remaining visitors, we will take our bus down to Aguas Calientes (Machu Picchu town) where we’re going to take the train to return Ollantaytambo station and back to Cusco city by car.

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Information for the inca trail

A manager of our office will go to your hotel for a day before starting your trip in inca trail, where you will provide information of great importance for your walk.

Authorizations and permits

All the authorizations and permits to carry out the Inca Trail and the wonder of the Machu Picchu World are included. When we have your confirmation, we will need you to provide us with a copy of your passport.


All mobilities are included from your hotel pickup, bus trip, train tickets, bus tickets to Machu Picchu, all roundtrip and back to your hotel and during the trip.

Professionals in tourism

Within our staff we have experienced guides.

Which will make you have one of the best travel experiences, they are trained in high mountain rescue, fluent English.

Camp Attachments

Danzack has the best implements for the camps to make your stay relaxing, during this trip.

Among them you can find tents Eureka, Matras Thermarest, etc.

Cargo staff

During your walk there will be personnel in charge of carrying the tents, Matras, sleeping, etc.

Do not overpass the allowed weight on the Inca Trail, for which you should carry a small day pack to have what you need for the day.


Because we think you would like to try an excellent quality meal throughout your trip0.

We have the best professionals in the kitchen to prepare the most delicious meals.

Also if you have some kind of special diet, our professionals will prepare it for you that you feel comfortable (indicate the type of diet in your reserve)

Medical first aid kit

All of our trekking professionals have received training in first aid and mountain rescue.

In the event that any person traveling with us needs medical attention:

Our staff will give you the necessary help, in a case of medical emergency the nearest medical center will be evacuated.


Within the price we also include pillows, hand sanitizers, water, snacks, rain ponchos, hand towels.


For your safety in case we have any type of emergency we are pioneers presenting satellite phones.

Taxes and fees

All taxes and permit fees associated with this hike are included in the list price

Not Include

Not included

  •  Breakfast (DAY 01)
  • We will provide all the necessary equipment for your trip, but if you want to have more comfort or do not want to bring all that equipment from your home you can rent them.
  •  Sleeping bag: $ 20
  • Inflatable air mattress: $ 15
  • Stick (pair): $ 15
  • Huayna Picchu and / or Mountain Machu Picchu ($ 75 additional dollars always with prior availability)
  • If you wish and feel that you received a good service from our staff, feel free to give a tip.
  • Lunch of the last day

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Book this Tours Now!!!

For more information contact us 0051 926 879 637


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